Conagra’s Peter Pan

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Sylvester, GA is home to Conagra Foods’ Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Each jar of the world famous brand of peanut butter is made right in the heart of Worth County…

Historical Pope Park

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The baseball diamond in Pope Park holds tales of local baseball players and games going back over 100 years. The park was founded in 1910. Rams Baseball Head Coach is Will Smith.

Milt Miller Football Stadium

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The Home of the Rams is named for legendary football coach Milt Miller. Miller coached football for 25 seasons, 15 of those at Worth County High School. The Georgia High School Football Historians Association reports Coach Miller’s career end record as 209-93-0. Current Rams … Continued

Sumner, Worth County

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Sumner, GA is home to the SoWeGa Music Hall of Fame and Performing Arts, Inc. – a musical arts school newly formed in the old Sumner High School. A solid program for Worth County’s youth.


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Scooterville is an unincorporated Worth County town located traveling on HWY 256 towards Norman Park.

Worth History

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Worth County, Georgia has a tremendous Indian history in Georgia. (Land pictured is located between Warwick and Oakfield.)


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Doles, Worth County is located between Warwick and Sylvester traveling north on Hwy 313. The community is rich in farmland including cotton, peanuts, watermelons and more. (Doles volunteer fire truck gets a wash.)


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The Gazebo standing in the middle of a four-way street in Oakfield, Worth County was built to help preserve the original waterpump in the small town. It was the primary source for the town’s water in the early 1900′s.

Gordy, Unincorporated

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The community of Gordy, Worth County is located between Sylvester and Bridgeboro in the area where ghost town Parkerville once existed. The Parkerville cemetery still remains but is hidden in a wooded area inside of Gordy. A 1933 map of Worth County … Continued


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The unincorporated town of Isabella was originally the county seat of Worth County before Sylvester.

The Train

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Any directions given out by someone in Sylvester more than likely begin with, ‘Keep going till you see the train…”  The historical train (Old 100) is retired in T.C. Jeffords Park.

Worth County Courthouse

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The Worth County courthouse is located on N. Main Street in Sylvester. The county Sheriff’s office is also located in the courthouse building and operated under Sheriff Jeff Hobby.

Warwick, Worth County

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The annual Grits Festival in Warwick includes many events including the state renowned Grits Pit as well a corn shelling competition and, as pictured, a grits eating contest. The festival has occurred every year in Warwick since 1997. In 2003, Georgia Governor … Continued

Worth County Emergency Response

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Worth County’s Emergency response unit involves the team work efforts of 911-Dispatch, The Sheriff’s Department, local law enforcement and fire departments, County firefighters and volunteers, and EMS. City and county dispatch operate in conjunction within the governmental building located on Franklin Street … Continued