ACLU angry about removed comments on Worth County Sheriff’s Department FB page.

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Good Morning Worth County, This news article s sponsored by TIFTON TERMITE of Sylvester…They would like to tell everyone a Very Happy New Year.

Well another cold day is upon us, bundle up before heading out!! Brr…Our schools were scheduled open today and last night on out FB page there were some concerns about heat. I personally think  all heating systems at home, work & school are a little stressed right now as this is out of the norm for us in these local areas.

Sometimes we just need to use common sense though, the school system would not open the doors if they could not adequately keep our children warm enough…(my opinion) Its is my hope  if the heating systems went down we would be notified and kids would come home.

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED SINCE A CONVERSATION WITH OUR SUSPENDED SHERIFF JEFF HOBBY…Hobby said “this has no reflection on me, I was suspended”   We stated in the original post it was not a reflection on Bobby Sapp, who at the time of the letter had only just started, stepping up graciously from retirement when asked by the govenor.

Personally what interested me the most was finding out that comments should not be deleted from their page and why…i’m sure many others also. 

The ACLU acknowledges in their letter they are aware of the suspension of Sheriff Hobby. 

So moving on to other news, back before Christmas we received some information and wanted to understand it somemore before sharing with the public.

Before posting of this article our office did speak with our current Sheriff, Bobby Sapp.  Sheriff Sapp was aware of the letter and told us he had turned it over to the County Attorney. Sapp also said the person who handles posting to the FB page has been informed not to remove/edit. The departments fb page currently looks good, lots of informative posts!!

ACLU angry about removed comments on Worth County Sheriff’s Department FB page.





We will follow up with this story if & when more information is received.