Good Morning Worth County

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Good morning everyone, I honestly hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day with family & friends. My day was quiet at first, me & my Golden Retrievers eating goodies/snacks watching tv & relaxing haha…Then i got a visitor, a young lady whom I have watched grow from a very little skinny girl into a beautiful young lady complaining that she’s fat (size 4) lol. We decided to ride to Tifton & eat some King Buffet food and it was really good. Great conversation discussing her plans for starting school next month to be a Dental Hygenist. Both her parents are in heaven but i know they are looking down & smiling.

Some local businesses are wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Backing up a little bit to Christmas eve, I put a $20 bill in the hand of a fella who has helped me load heavy bags of dog food into my van many many times, I never had to ask him for help, he just always seemed to be there when I needed it.   He said  ” ma’am ” you don’t have to do that. I told him “I know…Merry Christmas”  This holiday season is about giving not receiving & it made me feel good inside to have put a smile on his face.

Now speaking of dog food, you kinow our shelter “Best Friends Humane Society” always needs dog food so if you are in the giving mood…… & ask them what they need, maybe you should visit and find your new family member for 2018.

If anyone has a holiday story you would like to share please send them to and we will gladly post them for you. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the December News Letter for BFHS in Worth County.