Worth News Monday – Unfortunate Accident is Fatal

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An accident on Veterans Day resulted in an unfortunate fatality. See further details and other  Worth County news below:



Fatality In Worth

Worth County Coroner Johnny Johnson was on scene just after 5 P.M. Monday at an Etheredge Road residence, near the Gintown Road intersection, in response to a fatal accident involving a man who had reportedly been run over by a vehicle.

Monday evening, the coroner explained the cause of death as blunt force trauma as a result of ‘a very tragic accident’. Gerald A. Etheridge was driving an old  Chevy pick-up truck when he stopped, got out to open the gate to enter his yard and left the vehicle running. Apparently the vehicle was not in gear, moved forward and pinned Etheredge underneath the vehicle.

Mr. Etheredge was only 53-years old. He was employed with Demott Peanut Company.


Worth emergency units on scene at an Etheredge Road residence Monday evening in response to a fatal accident.




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Resident Loses Control of Cleanup Fire

A Dykes Drive resident attempted to burn a vacant structure this afternoon but claims he went inside of his home for a drink of water when he heard an explosion.  The fire had spread in his absence and three vacant mobile home type structures were burned as a result. The homeowner stated he did not have a permit for burning. The explosion was apparently caused by oxygen tanks within one of the burning structures.

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