Second Tractor Incident Thursday Leads to Fatality

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After a wreck incident on HWY 300 involving a tractor resulted in serious injuries, a second tragic incident involving a tractor occurred at a Massey Airport Road residence Thursday afternoon around 5 P.M. has led to a fatality. See more below:



Larry Bailey, Sr., 78, was at his son’s Sylvester residence on a tractor pulling a bush hog when he apparently fell from the tractor. Although the blades were not engaged, Bailey suffered several serious injuries which led to his death around 11 P.M. Thursday night at Phoebe Putney Hospital.

Air Evac was dispatched and a landing area was set-up in the front yard of the residence but cancelled due to the estimated arrival time and the urgency to get Mr. Bailey to a hospital. Bailey managed to contact E-911 himself to report the incident and get emergency units quickly en route to his home.

(A correction has been made to note Mr. Bailey was at his son’s residence.)

Funeral arrangements will be announced by Banks Funeral Home






















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