Animals Seized from Pet Hoarders

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UPDATE Below: is on scene at a TyTy home along with animal control and  Public Health Dept officials .

As of 12.55 p.m. 30 animals have been takend by Animal Control due to the poor living/health conditions at the home.

We will bring you the full story as this situation unfolds. SEE BELOW FOR UPDATE

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UPDATE: Personnel of the Best Friends Humane Society (BFHS) in Worth County were avidly working at 11:30 A.M. Tuesday morning to accommodate dozens of dogs that were to be picked up at a Sledge Road home. was on scene as the dog owners surrendered their pets through a side window of the home to Animal Control. The couple had nearly 30 dogs along with puppies from two different litters with the majority appearing to have a type of mange, many with draining eyes and other visible physical conditions that require treatment.

None of the animals had the required rabies vaccination and were reportedly living in conditions inside the home with feces and dirt covering the floor throughout.

Although there are similarities with the recent scenario of a possible puppy mill where BFHS took in a number of dogs and puppies, the Worth County Health Department was contacted in this case due to the conditions the man and woman are living in. The home the couple claims to reside had only one mattress on the floor; this was the only furniture, besides a refrigerator, in the structure. Animal Control Officer Sherri Hendley said the home appeared to have no electricity. Public Safety determined the home does have running water and septic however.

None of the animals had been spayed or neutered and Hendley stated out of the 30 adult dogs, only about seven or eight are male.

The proper treatments were not provided for the  obvious health conditions in the animals including mange and bacterial infections. The result unfortunately is likely all 25 adults will be euthanized.

The couple has apparently lived in the home for six years. Public Safety official Laura Searcy reportedly advised the couple to see a doctor as well as seek to relocate for health benefits.

Animal Control was contacted anonymously with concerns regarding the property and animals. See photos below:

UPDATE: At 2 P.M. Wednesday Stanley L. Boone and Mary L. Lee were at Worth County Jail being processed, each charged with cruelty to animals, 1st degree.

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Inside of the Sledge Road home a mattress is just visible to the right and dirt and feces cover the floor. PHOTO/ Worth Co. Animal Control


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