Major Drug Bust in Sylvester

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UPDATE Below: Nearly 800 pounds of marijuana seized during drug sting in Sylvester. See more below:

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Worth County Sheriff’s Department along with Sylvester Police and Midsouth Drug Task Force Unit¬†confiscated approximately 799 pounds of processed marijuana after acting on information gained during investigative process on a truck shipment that was scheduled to be delivered to a local business (Hooks Automotive) located on Pope Street in Sylvester today. Authorities monitored activity through surveillance, swarming in during exchange process.

Several arrests are pending but authorities are not yet releasing names as investigations continue. Interviews were underway at the time of this post. Two names are currently released by WCSO: Calvin Hooks and Willie James Jones are in police custody.

Others arrested include: Cifford Lee Alford, John Allen Collins, John Lee Miller, Sr., and Willie Lee Hooks

WCSO Chief Deputy Bobby Sapp said the marijuana was processed and apparently prepared for distribution upon seizing the truck and its contents.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY 8:30 A.M. – Driver of delivery truck was not charged and released from scene. Officials say the driver was completely unaware of the truck’s contents.¬†


Truck (left) in photo used to transport a large quantity of marijuana in a delivery to Hooks Auto on Pope Street



We will update as information is released by officials. See on scene photos below:

Truck is escorted by police authorities to unnamed location
Truck involved and driver were released after drug raid
Sheriff Jeff Hobby (left), on scene during a drug raid where officials confiscated an estimated 800 pounds of marijuana

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