Sisters Share Double Blessing

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Mallory Garwood and Molly Emerson of Worth County share the special bond of sisterhood but more recently they share even more in this week’s Worth a Mention. See story below:

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The two sisters  nearly three years apart in age, have always been close. If it were even possible, the young ladies are even closer now after sharing simultaneous pregnancies.

Both girls graduated from Worth County High School. Growing up, neither was much into baby dolls nor Barbies as much as they were sports.

Mallory is the older of the two, but this was her and husband Luke’s first child. She had left her work place in Fitzgerald on February 11th going to the hospital in Albany with what could have been labor pains. She didn’t want to tell anyone assuming it may have been false labor. Due dates for both babies was scheduled in March.

Molly and her husband Michael had two children prior, Caden, who will be six in May, and Carlie, 14-months old. Caden was quite hopeful for a baby brother.Worthit2u.2

The sisters’ doctors office visits were scheduled together and two doctors rotated seeing them for check-ups. The doctors and nursing staff made comments like ‘ wouldn’t it be fun if you had your babies on the same day?’ To which Mallory said she and her sister answered ‘we don’t know if it would be that much fun’.

Because their doctors had never had an opportunity to work with sisters sharing pregnancy with expectancies so close, they both wanted to be present for the delivery of each baby, according to Molly.

Mallory was admitted to the hospital as a result of her visit February 11th visit. Meanwhile, Molly was visiting the doctor with some concerns.  Soon after, she was also being admitted. As she was going to her room in the hospital, she passed her sister’s room. When Mallory saw Molly, she texted her immediately; she was joking with her about deliberately timing her delivery.

When the girls’ mother, Marcia Whitacre, got word from Mallory that she was in labor she thought to herself, ‘the babies won’t even be born in the same month’. But 30 minutes later, she learned her other daughter was also hospital bound. “I was going from room to room visiting with the two mothers in labor,” she said of the eventful evening that followed.

Mallory had her baby girl around 11:30 P.M. that night. She said she tried to hold out another half hour so the cousins would be born on the same day. “But I just couldn’t do it…after pushing for an hour and a half I didn’t want to wait 30 more minutes,” she said laughingly. “I was like ‘I give up’,” she said.

Molly’s baby boy was born less than 15 hours later, February 12th around 2 P.M. Marcia said as hospital staff members were wheeling Mallory and her new baby girl up to their room after delivery they stopped at her sister’s room and let them visit. “After Molly’s was born they got rooms close to each other and visited back and forth till they went home,” Marcia said. “It was fun and I only had to miss one day of work for both births.”.

Mallory’s new daughter weighed 7 lbs and 3 oz – her name is Josie Annalee Garwood.

Molly’s new son weighed 6 lbs and 15 oz – his name is Corbin James Emerson. Big brother Caden is thrilled.

Doctors Michas and Cucina, who had anticipated being there for both deliveries, had to take turns and deliver separately. Nevertheless, it is a first in their careers and apparently a first time for Phoebe Putney Hospital to have sisters in labor with deliveries so close.Worthit2u.1

“It was fun in the end,” Mallory said. “We wound up scheduling our appointments together and doing everything together.”

The adventure didn’t end there. The infants each had to return to the hospital to be treated for Jaundice. Though each has their own pediatrician, the babies were discharged, well – at the same time.

Professional Photos above courtesy: Kim Pritchett PolkaDot Photography 


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