Wreck Update: Victim Thanks Worth Emergency Personnel

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An update is posted below regarding a crash incident last week which occurred during lunch hour Friday. One wreck victim from out-of-state expresses gratitude for Worth emergency personnel who assisted her. See more below:

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Elijah and Joy Henderson of Jacksonville, FL were passing through Sylvester around 12:30 P.M. Friday when they were involved in a crash incident involving four vehicles.

They were headed home from Phenix City, Alabama when Elijah stopped at a red light facing east on Hwy 82/Franklin Street in their white 2008 Cadillac SRX alongside Chad Holt and his wife Melissa, of Sylvester, in their white 1998 Ford Ranger.

A black 2004 Ford Explorer, driven by Jimmy Lloyd Wright of Leesburg, crashed into the vehicles before his Explorer overturned on its passenger side resting in the crosswalk of the Franklin and Monroe Streets intersection.

Kenneth Moore, of Sylvester, was in the turning lane facing east and attempting a turn when the crash occurred and debris struck the rear and passenger side of his black 2004 Ford F150.

Worth County Fire/Rescue extricated Mr. Wright from his overturned Explorer and he was transported to Phoebe Worth.

Chad and Melissa Holt’s small truck sustained extensive damage. They were both transported to Phoebe Worth by ambulance.

Elijah and Joy’s Cadillac also sustained extensive damage but both reported they were uninjured.

Moore’s truck sustained moderate damage and he was also uninjured in the incident.

The driver behind the crash, Mr. Wright, says he doesn’t recollect what happened, according to the Sylvester Police Report.

Elijah Henderson said the Explorer struck the Ford Ranger, “then rolled on its right side hitting our left rear side of our Cadillac.”

He and his wife Joy also had their three Yorkie dogs in the car with them when the crash occurred. Joy expressed that out of the unexpected incident, she is grateful for where it happened and the outcome.

“God has a lot of angels in Sylvester. These wonderful people came from all directions to help. Animal Control even came to check on our three Yorkies, who are fine. God Bless all of you, police officers, fire department, ambulance attendants and all. This experience made me wish I lived there.”

Reports indicate those transported by EMS suffered no life threatening injuries and are recovering. SPD, has not as of Tuesday morning, reported charges in the incident. Photos below: (see more photos on original post)


PHOTO/ Elijah Henderson
PHOTO/ Elijah Henderson
PHOTO/ Tiffany Montgerard



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