Updates on Worth Road Openings

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UPDATE Friday: Public Works is sending notifications to E-911 regarding the opening of county roads (an estimated 40 plus) that have been closed due to flooding or water damage. We will update as E-911 makes the information available. The following roads are now open:

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Worth County Road Closures as of 3/01/2013 8:00 am

1. Jerry Young Rd between Brown Rd and Turner Rd
2. Massey Airport Rd between York Rd and Hwy 112
3. Whittington Rd between Hartsfield Rd and Tift County Line
4. Porters Corner Rd (Dirt Portion)
5. Old Mail Rd from Hwy dirt portion to 450 Old Mail Rd
6. Meadowview Lane
7. Thomas Rd from Deer Valley Rd to Porters Corner Rd
8. Pearson Rd from Duran Dr to Drain Pipes
9. Hamilton Hill Rd from Cuffie Town Rd to Jodie Hobby Rd
10. EW Booth Rd between NJ Brooks Rd and Shotgun Rd
11. Bluegill Dr
12. Brantley Rd

Opened Roads as of 03/01/2013 8:00 AM
1. Voyals Rd from PT Salter Rd to Cotton Rd – OPEN
2. Jones Rd from Gibbs Rd to Pine Forest Rd – OPEN

Five Ash Rd – North end of the county

Deerland Rd – South end of the county off of Hwy 256

Reports indicate that there is a deep washout on Medders Rd in the 1800 block, if traveling in that area, use caution.

All city roads are open (Poulan, Sylvester, Warwick & Sumner)

This is the most current road closures. Public Works Director, John Merritt has advised that the other roads that were on the list are now passable. However, they still need allot of work and drivers should use caution on the roadways until they can get the roads in better shape. Some roadways still have water over the roads also, please avoid these areas as the roadways may be undermined and could collapse under the weight of a vehicle.


Blue Gill Rd – E-911 Director Kannetha Klem warns, “This is just a reminder that even though a road may look safe, it may be undermined from the water draining under it.” (PHOTO courtesy E-911)

Blue Gill Road



If you notice any area on your property or roadway that appears to be a sinkhole or dangerous potholes in the roadway, please contact 776-8219.

Jefferson Street


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