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UPDATE Below: Teen Air-lifted following ATV Accident

A 14-year old girl was air lifted by Air Evac after a Polaris Ranger with four teenage passengers overturned on Blue Springs Road around 2:00 P.M. Wednesday.

Air Evac arriving for emergency transport from accident scene
Air Evac arriving for emergency transport from accident scene

The injuries sustained by the female included possible head injury initiating the quick response from Air Evac out of Cordele.

Georgia State Trooper Alec Davis said a resident located in front of the accident scene went out to assist and help keep the injured girl calm until medical attention arrived. The trooper reports a deputy on scene said the teen was sitting up at one point and responsive.

Worth EMT’S prepared for emergency flight by transporting the female just north of the scene to meet the helicopter successfully guided in by Worth Fire/Rescue services.

Family members were still en route at 5 P.M. to Macon Medical Center and we will update the teen’s condition as reports are available.

UPDATE: 9 P.M. – The father of the 14-year old air-lifted to Macon reported tonight during his return to Worth County that his daughter will be held overnight for further observation but fortunately there are no life-threatening injuries. 

Polaris Ranger overturned (pictured after being lifted into upright position)with four teen passengers, one sustaining serious injuries.


Administrative Change at Worth County Elementary

S. Rouse
WCES Interim Principal, Steven Rouse


Worth County Schools released a press release Tuesday after Worthit2u.net inquired about a school principal’s alleged demotion.

The press release confirmed an administrative move in effect involving WCES Principal Todd Deariso as Steven Rouse will serve as interim principal for the remainder of the school year.

Sandi Giddens is WCES Assistant Principal.

No further details have been released from the Board of Education during the school’s winter break. Photo Source: WC Schools


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