Walking the Miles to ‘Bring Light Upon’ all Veterans

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Worth County had a very special guest pass through Tuesday; founder of Operation Walk America.US and US Marine Mac McQuown, 51, included Hwy 82 through Sumner, Poulan and Sylvester as part of his mission route having destination to the Capitol building steps in each of the 50 states. His means of travel is on foot and he will have reached over 15,000 miles upon completion of his journey.

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McQuown’s mission in this personal endeavor is, “to bring an overdue and well deserved light upon all veterans young and old, male & female, from both past & current conflicts; to also keep in our prayers and bring awareness to all veterans whom ever have been or currently are a POW and/or MIA.”

McQuown started his walk on September 11, 2011 in Stafford, Virginia. He went north from there to Ground Zero in New York and then headed south to Florida. He said today he is currently en route to Atlanta, then Nashville, back south to Alabama and then west to California before turning back to the east coast.

US Marine Mac McQuown passes Poulan's Park on a 15,000 mission to bring awareness to and support to Veterans.
US Marine Mac McQuown passes Poulan’s Park on a 15,000 mile mission bringing awareness and support to Veterans.

His trip today through Worth County prompted a stop for lunch at Ed’s Truck stop where he was greeted by several people anticipating his visit.

For more information on Mac McQuown, his mission’s purpose and how you can support his cause, visit operationwalkamerica.org  or visit his Facebook page.


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