Meth Lab Explosion in Sylvester

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*UPDATE 01/05* see below

*UPDATE*  Around 10:15pm Christmas Eve, Sylvester Police and the Sylvester Fire Department were dispatched to 104 West Pinson Street, a residence near Isabella Street. Apparently children outside near the residence heard an explosion inside the Pinson Street home. The children’s mother went to check on the neighbor. The lady who resides at the home is reportedly out of town for the holidays, but her son has allegedly moved in with her and was at the home. The concerned neighbor reported to police that the man came to meet her at the door with blood and cuts covering the front of his body following an explosion.

SPD and SFD responded and based on the chemicals the man stated to officials he was using for ‘cleaning’, reports were that the explosion was possibly meth related. Chief Yarbrough of the Sylvester Fire Department said people were restricted from the area for precautionary measures. “It’s all about the safety of the people first,” he said on the scene.  

The male subject was transported to Phoebe Putney in Albany. GBI arrived on scene around 11:45pm to search the home. A relative of the resident (pictured below) arrived on scene and stated to a police officer that his uncle had been ’in trouble’ for cocaine some time ago but had not, to his knowledge, been since then.

It is undetermined as of yet, (12:30am Christmas) if the explosion was related to meth production, but will update as the information becomes available. See more photos below:

*It was confirmed Christmas morning, after GBI conducted a search throughout the residence, that a meth lab was in operation within the home. Apparently after the explosion, the resident attempted to hide evidence while  he was injured. SPD Chief Alfred Anderson said Jackie R. Flinchum, 57, will be charged but currently remains hospitalized at Phoebe Putney Hospital. Chief Anderson extends gratitude from the department to neighbors of the residence for their cooperation. “We know it must have been an inconvenience for them, it being Christmas Eve and all.” *

01/05/10 – GBI Agent Mike Lewis reported at nearly 5pm today that Flinchum was arrested today (Tuesday). will have a full report Wednesday morning.DSC_0029DSC_0030

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  1. daniel beck

    My christmas was very much destroyed after Keith and I was talkin about what we should do about his truck an then all of a sudden BOOM!!!! I TURNED AROUND AN SAW THE BLUE FLASH.I knew then my christmas went into the dirt i still got my stuff but the explosion will never leave my head.

    Daniel Beck, 14

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