The Train

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Any directions given out by someone in Sylvester more than likely begin with, ‘Keep going till you see the train…”  The historical train (Old 100) is retired in T.C. Jeffords Park.

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  1. Derrick Cromer

    According to the Sylvester Local, the agreement was that the city of Sylvester would receive the locomotive in return for maintaining it in perpetuity. The above picture doesn’t clearly show the neglect that the engine has received. It has significant rust damage and hasn’t been painted in ages. Also, the tin roof above it is barely wider than the locomotive itself and provides no protection against rain that isn’t coming straight down.

    I find it ironic that Bill Yearta used a video of him walking beside the train in a recent mayoral election ad, bragging about what he has done for parks and recreation.

    They didn’t even use the Christmas lights on the train last year.

    It’s a great landmark in need of some help. Anybody want to do something about it? The polls are still open for a little while.

  2. Tami Tanner

    I came back for Homecoming and the Peanut Festival this past October and was shocked at the condition of the train. I don’t live in Sylvester anymore, but if I did, I think I might try to find a way to raise some $$ to overhaul that beautiful locomotive and bring it back to it’s former glory. I also agree with Mr. Cromer that the locomotive needs a better shelter from the elements! And no Christmas lights? What a shame.

    In today’s world, in our haste to do things bigger and better, to push forward to get “new” things, we often forget our history and let the things that truly symbolize our heritage and pride fall by the wayside.

    Times are hard for everyone these days, but is Sylvester willing to lose one of it’s most visible landmarks?

  3. Derrick Cromer

    Following up on my thoughts from almost 2 years ago, great job on painting the train, Sylvester! It looks fantastique. I like to think my comment got it going, but who knows? Doesn’t matter. Just glad it happened.

    The roof still needs to be extended to slow future oxidation, but it’s a good start.

    Perhaps a good fund raiser would be letting families pay to get their pics taken on the train during Peanut Fest and other Jeffords Park events. I would also like to see the train lit during Christmas like it used to. Need any volunteers to make these thing happen?

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